About CarlGustav

Supplier of prefabricated steel structures

We deliver competitively priced steel structures for both large- and small projects. The steel we deliver is of the highest quality and produced in accordance with existing standards with a focus on sustainability.


We assemble steel, concrete and wood structures with focus on quality, safety and sustainability 

With experience from both small – and large complex projects in Sweden and Norway our talented fitters can handle your project regardless of shape and size. We offer a complete engagement, this means that we assemble both steel and concrete for greater cost efficency. We place the clients’ interests at the forefront and deliver the complete structure safely, well documented and in accordance with ruling norms. Operational progress and HSE guide our work, we work daily on finding the right balance between HSE and operational progress in order to be a long term and competitive partner for our clients and our personnel.


Experienced project management 

Our extensive construction experience allows us to find cost effective solutions for each individual project and to ensure that the project is finished in time, without complications.


Quality management, a vital part of our operations.

Quality control is continuously performed through our in house developed Sharepoint based quality management system. Field workers document their work with smartphones and reports of the documented work are thereafter created in the desired format. Our International Welding Engineer (IWE) ensures that all welds are performed with good quality and in accordance with standards.

Our keywords

Health and Safety

Our aim is to never let work affect the health and safety of our employees, the health and well being of the individual is always our primary focus. Construction is sometimes a chaotic environment where new situations arise on a regular basis which demand focus from our employees in order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. We work continuously with saftey analysis and safety routines in order to prepare our personnel for the work so that they are better able to identify risk filled situations and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Our work environment policy clarifies what we deem important to achieve a safe and sustainable workplace. To succeed in our work with health and safety we feel the most important measure is to inform employees and partners of possible risks in order to achieve a coherent vison regarding risk for everyone involved in the construction process. We believe that this is accomplished through education, clear communication and a continuous dialog regarding risk analysis, earlier incidents and safety routines.


CarlGustav Solutions was founded on the idea that quality- and deviation management at the time was outdated and should be streamlined and digitalized. This basic idea led to the development of a quality management app that could be used for both in field documentation and final documentation. The fact of the matter is that quality has been a cornerstone of the organisation since its founding and continues to be so today. Our high requirements for quality along with our skillful empoyees and well developed system for quality management allows for continuous quality control with complete traceability.

Our policy for quality guide our basic values regarding this aspect of the process. We will be a trailblazer in the industry that continuously surpasses our clients’ expectaions. In order to achieve this vision it requires that all collaborators take responsibility, that we maintain focus on the client and that we deliver a well built product in time.



The goal is that our commitments should have the least possible negative impact on the environment and we should always strive to find a balance between environment and economy in our operations. To achieve this goal we work in accordance with ISO 14001 to understand how to best manage procedures, choice of materials and waste sorting.

We always adhere to project specific demands regarding sustainability and the environment and we encourage dialog with the client regarding these questions to better guide our production from an environamental standpoint.